Celine with a tongue blep
kitten and fish

Celine is the oldest - she will be 16 this year. She showed up at a relative's doorstep, pregnant, when she was about 2-3 years old. They took her in, found homes for her kittens and asked if I would take her in as they had several large dogs and they thought Celine would do better in a cat only home.

I love Celine - she is my funny girl. Her fur is so soft and we call her the Ambien cat because if she curls up next to you and starts purring, she'll put you right to sleep. But she is also kind of tweaky-weird. She plays very rough and sometimes manages to rile herself up and then bestows phlegmy hisses upon anyone near her.

Do you have nicknames for your cats or do you call them by their actual names? I hardly ever call her "Celine" - for a long time she was just Leenie but now I call her Beans or Beanie more often than not. She will pretty much answer to anything, as much as a cat ever does!

Celine on the couch

She came to us with a wonky eye - her right eye is not normal and the vet suspected there was some kind of trauma involved. She also has white patches on both eyes which hairs grow out of - yes, my cat has literal hairy eyeballs. It's very fine, though, and hard to see unless you look close.

Celine looking up at me

She's had all her teeth except 4 removed which causes her tongue to hang out sometimes. And she also went through an I-131 procedure a few years ago because she had a tumor on her thyroid (basically the procedure uses a radioactive dose to kill the tumor). She's been doing awesome since all that.

Celine and Maya

Celine and Maya are strictly indoor cats but as long as the weather is nice we will all go sit out on the patio. The cats love it - they roll in the dirt and alternate sitting under the bush and sitting out in the sun.

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