World Famous Crochet Museum

The World Famous Crochet Museum is located in Joshua Tree, California, housed in an old photo-processing booth and is absolutely jam-packed inside with crocheted items. The owner/creator, Shari Elf, had been collecting crocheted items for years when she decided to buy this old building and use it to house her collection.

Crochet Museum

If you can imagine something in crochet form, it's probably here. Yes, that is a crocheted taco.

inside the Crochet Museum

Looking inside from the outside, you can really see how tiny of a place this is.

looking inside the Crochet Museum

I read somewhere online that there were crocheted poops in the crochet toilet but I was somewhat disappointed to find a clean potty.

crocheted sink and toilet

Crocheted critters - looks like I was in the bunny section.

various crocheted critters, mainly bunnies

Ok, one last look at so many crocheted things. These few pictures I've shown you don't even begin to cover what has been packed into this tiny area.

so many shelves of crocheted items

The Crochet Museum is open 24/7. It's a little hard to find because it's tucked away but persevere and you'll find this treasure! Joshua Tree is a very interesting, eclectic, artsy little town so when you're done at the Crochet Museum, make sure you check out what else is around. You will be delighted!

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