Galleta Meadows Metal Sculptures

Galleta Meadows Estate is located in the census-designated place of Borrego Springs, California. The owner wanted to have free standing art pieces on his land so he commissioned an artist to create sculptures and the artist ended up creating over 100! The sculptures represent prehistoric life (dinosaurs), people (there is a gold miner, a Spanish padre, an Indian, a group of farmworkers and a cowboy) and nature (all kinds of critters - like big cats, grasshopper, elephant, horses, sloth, camels and lots more). There is also a jeep.

This area is completely open and people can freely visit the sculptures. Many of them are right by the side of the road and are easy to access.

It's been a few years since I visited the sculptures and I could have sworn I took a bunch of pictures but after checking the phone, computer, Google photos and camera card, I could only find pictures of two sculptures.I took many different views of the sea serpent, which is 350 feet long and crosses the road and one picture of the Indian head. I will share my paltry few pictures with you and then give you a link to a website that has really good shots of the sculptures.

I have wanted to go visit the Salton Sea area, specifically East Jesus so, if and when I get back there, I'll make my way back to the Galleta Meadows and take pictures again!

Here in all his glory is the sea dragon!

Galleta Meadows sea dragon

According to the cool website I'm going to link below, this Indian head represents the role Native Americans played in the 1700s during the California expeditions. It is also one of the few sculptures with more than one type of metal.

Galleta Meadows Indian

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