One of the things that I miss about the old web is all the wonderful graphics that were used in personal webpages. I think they all had an awesome look, from the pages that looked like a graphics directory threw up on them to the ones that had a very tied together look because they were created using a coordinating webset. This also makes me nostalgic because my mother was an artist at heart. One of the things she got really into was creating graphics using Paint Shop Pro and other programs.

I've found a bunch of sites that have "linkware" graphics. Many of them have not been updated for a decade or more. I'm not entirely sure if all of these websets will be functional with today's internet. Many of them were made for a different resolution and many involve tables. But have fun and look at these treasures I've found!

Old School Linkware/Freeware Websets and Graphics

  • - this is one of the few old school graphic websites I've come across that seems to be current. Her sets come as a zip file with all the elements included. She has both holiday and regular websets.

  • Green Goddess Graphics - linkware websets created using artwork from various artists. Not all of her links appear to be working - several of them go to the same page on her site (looks like a template page maybe). Also, the download files are hosted at a site I'm not familiar with - - and my connection keeps getting reset when I try to get to it. This may be one site where, if the style interests you, just view the page source and see how it's done.

  • Graphic Gifts - Snowglobes, calling cards, background sets. Graphics can be saved from the page. There are zip file links, too, that appear to work.

  • Robin's Web - theme sets, animations, psychedelic tiled backgrounds. The graphics are in a password protected directory to stop people from linking directly. The theme sets are pretty neat but appear to be created using tables. As much as I like theme sets, her psychedelic tiled backgrounds are pretty cool and she has sample text in various colors so you can see what will show up well on that background.

  • Webbnutt Designs - another site with websets using tables, tiled backgrounds, button sets, a gif collection. There are 4 divider bar links but those go to a 404 page. This website was last updated in 2007.

  • Stargazer's Galaxy - Page sets - you are instructed to email her for the zip file and right click has been disabled. The latest date I saw on the graphics pages was 2004, so I have my doubts an email will be successful. There are ways to get around right click disabled. There are also graphics sections on buttons and bars, calling cards, and adoption graphics.

  • Iron and Ivy Designs - Lots of page sets - many made with nested tables. Also some cool interface sets. She does have download links to a zip file for the sets which appear to be in working order and she details which fonts she has used. The latest date I see on these is 2002.

  • Graphics by Mindy - Button sets, border backgrounds, tile backgrounds and web sets. The latest updated date I've found on this site is 2002.

  • TC Designs - websets with download links for a zip file that appears to be working. There are also desktop wallpapers for download.

  • Aspirations to Sweetness - very cool websets, a lot of them jeweled. My mom would have gone bananas for these. The sets seem to come in either side boardered or framed varieties and come with a notice that they were created in 1999 for an 800x600 resolution. You can right click and download the page elements.

  • Domynoes - websets, suites (they have a splash page), journal pages, one Halloween themed interface set. Sets have a link to a zip file which appears to be in working order.

  • Regina's Design Sets - 21 pages of websets in all themes! Zip file links appear to be in working order. There are also "gifts" - pretty little badges you can download and give to someone.

  • Free Original Graphics and Fonts - all kinds of graphics for your webpage needs: page sets, buttons, backgrounds, fonts, page elements. Looks like it was last updated in 2007.

Newer Linkware/Freeware Websets and Graphics

  • Diabella Loves Cats - unlike many of these sites, Diabella's site was active at least up to last year. Vintage cat graphics, cat calling cards, and a whole lot more.

  • Websets by Lynn - I was surprised to find something current in the webset offering department, but maybe I shouldn't have been. These are reminiscent of the old school 90's and early 2000s websets. You can also find backgrounds, buttons and other graphics.

  • GifCities: The GeoCities Animated Gif Search Engine - This is a project from the Internet Archive. They attempted to archive as much of GeoCities as they could. There are bazillions of graphics here!

  • Glitter Graphics - All the glitter, all the time. Great selection of glittery graphics.