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divergent rays

You may be asking yourself, "What are "divergent rays" and why would someone call their website that?" Or - maybe you're not. But, either way, you're going to get an explanation!

This is a term I learned in x-ray school. As the x-ray beam exits the tube, the beam will diverge. I'm interested in so many things that I thought the divergent beam was an apt metaphor for me and my varied interests.

Way back in the 1990s, I used to have a webpage (this capture from the Way Back Machine is a little bit broken but you can get the sense of what it was). I was very proud of it - I hand coded it in Notepad (much like I'm currently doing with this one right now). I finally gave it up. Why? Life, I guess, and also the fact that it seemed like personal webpages like that and like what you used to find on Geocities and Angelfire were a thing of the past. It seemed that everyone had blogs or just moved to Facebook or some other social media. That made me sad and I have been lamenting the state of the web ever since then. It's so commercial these days. It seems to me that when you hop online, instead of wandering the web and finding surprises, everything is corporate and targeted.

Well, it turns out that the web-as-it-was isn't gone but is still lingering in pockets. You have to be proactive and go out there and find it and if you do, there are still some really cool things out there!

I want to be part of this again, so here I am, relearning HTML and learning about CSS for the first time. Excuse the dust - it's going to be a little bit messy here while I experiment and try things out.